Born in Stafford I attended the local college and studied bricklaying. I have always worked with my hands and had an inquisitive nature on how things work and a bad habit of taking things apart from a young age. I’ve designed and built many houses and still do.


In the last couple of years I have taught myself  to work with metal in my workshop. Slowly progressing to the point where I bought  two new toys, a lathe and a mill.


From that point  I could make my own articulated, moving mechanical objects, gears, cogs, chains, shafts, cams and push rods.


With these new skills and a germ of an idea in my head, I let my creativity evolve and see where it takes me. The results of which are on this website.

If you see something you like, or would like a chat or maybe even to commission a totally bespoke piece, I would love to hear from you.



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